Comment of the Day: You Go Right Ahead

COMMENT OF THE DAY: YOU GO RIGHT AHEAD “When I first visited Texas in 1980, the TxDOT signs said ‘Drive Friendly.’ I thought this was a charming sentiment, so when the opportunity came to move here, I looked forward to ‘driving friendly’ with all the other Texans. Imagine my surprise when I got here, and went looking for those ‘Drive Friendly’ signs, only to find they had been replaced by ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ . . . whoa. OK. My then-new husband told me that just meant that a gunrack gives you the right-of-way.” [Claire de Lune, commenting on Don’t Mess with Don’t Mess with Texas]

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  • While it is a chuckle worthy post, the “Drive Friendly” signs are still in abundance, but I think they had to take a few down due to the rapidly increasing number of bullet wounds.

  • iirc, “Don’t mess with Texas” replaced the plaintive and ineffectual “Please don’t litter….please” slogan for the anti-litter campaign; neither being incompatible with driving friendly