Construction Starts Again After Weekend Heights Blvd. Townhome Collapse

A new stick frame began going up Wednesday on the corner of Heights Blvd. and E. 2nd St., on a concrete slab cleared of the heap of wood studs, trusses, shear walls, and framed staircases that had landed there with a crash last Saturday night. All remnants of the 2 toppled Keystone Classic Homes 4-story townhouses in the Madison Park development just south of White Oak Bayou have been swept away. The site, pictured above in a photo taken by a Swamplot reader this morning, now looks rather different from the way it appeared last Sunday:


It’s time to start afresh!

This time, however, the construction sequence appears to be proceeding differently. Framing for the first floor of the corner townhouse, at 103 E. 2nd St., began first. That unit hadn’t been under construction before this week. Then late Thursday, framing began on the next-door unit, at 105 — one of the 2 non-adjacent units that had toppled just a few days earlier.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

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