Corner Site with Great Access: A Remnant of Houston Heights History

A commenter named Jamie fills in the details on this “Stairway To Nowhere” — which also appears to include a ramp — found on the corner of 18th and Ashland streets in the Heights. Blogger Viula of The Heights Life, who snapped the photo, is curious about where the stairs came from:

“They really struck me as part of a time gone by in the Heights,” she writes.

And what a time it was! Reports Jamie:


They were put up about a year or two ago and they led to a temporary building that was set up to help sell condos across the street in the empty lot. The developer was never . . . able to pre-sell enough condos to fund the project, so they nixed the development, removed the temporary building, and left the stairs (and the crumbled sidewalk from moving the building).

Photo: The Heights Life

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  • Is that JD’s porch??

  • Yeah, a time when developers thought you could build anything in the Heights and anyone would by it. That is a time gone by for sure.

    Thanks, Gus!

  • The sale signs are down now at the old church at Ashland & 17th and I’ve seen a lot of activity there the past 2 weeks. Including a generator outside the back door – could mean less parking come August 7 for White Linen Night in the Heights!