Criminal Complaint Filed on Behalf of Cosmo Residents over Post Oak Bus Lane Land Purchases

CRIMINAL COMPLAINT FILED ON BEHALF OF COSMO RESIDENTS OVER POST OAK BUS LANE LAND PURCHASES Proposed Dedicated Bus Lanes on Post Oak Blvd., Uptown, HoustonFormer ABC13 investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino, representing residents of the Cosmopolitan condo tower on Post Oak Blvd., filed a criminal complaint with the Harris County district attorney last week over the way the Uptown Development Authority has gone about acquiring land for the dedicated bus lanes planned along Post Oak. The complaint asserts that officials of that group and the Uptown TIRZ may have violated Texas conflict of interest law, as well as the Open Meetings Act. Nancy Sarnoff writes that Dolcefino’s complaint also calls out Uptown’s purchase-agreement-less purchase of a piece of land at San Felipe and Post Oak, from an associate of Dinerstein (which is preemptively suing the Cosmo residents over a tower planned at the same intersection). Uptown District president John Breeding tells  Sarnoff that it’s not unusual for public entities to buy land without a formal sales agreement, and that details of the transactions will be available after they’re complete. The Uptown group either has bought or is working on buying about 80 percent of the land needed for the project; the city council voted in December that eminent domain could be used to acquire the rest, if necessary. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Rendering of proposed dedicated bus lane on Post Oak Blvd.: Uptown District

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  • It seems like war, haha.

  • Ugh, seriously? The Cosmopolitan residents think the world revolves around them. They don’t want mass transit through the most congested part of the city, and they don’t want a developer to build a tower on prime property next door because it will block some of their views. News flash, if you didn’t want to have to deal with mass transit, you shouldn’t of bought a condo on one of the busiest streets in Houston. Oh, and maybe your stupid tower is blocking the views from the proposed 40 story tower next door.

  • I don’t know who to root for: A) the folks who made the dubious decision to buy at the Cosmo or B) the folks pushing this ridiculous bus scheme.

  • Who gives a flying F#@&. No sympathy here. It’s a good lesson in buying real estate. Always be suspect of a great view over low buildings and empty lots.

  • I find it amusing that this small band of elites, would first choose to live in a very dense rapidly changing urban area, unless they thought that somehow no-one else would want to develop in the neighborhood. I mean really who do these Gold plated Nimby’s think they are.
    I didn’t hear anyone complaining about it when one of the ugliest buildings in Houston (Cosmo) developed by the kitschiest developer, Randall Davis, went up and took away others views and cast long shadows over neighbors yards. No, because this is a highly developed metropolitan area and most understand that growth and density will continue.
    Of course these pampered rich always get their way. Just like the people in Afton Oaks who filled John Culberson’s pockets with cash so he would destroy Metro’s Richmond Rail plans. Not to be out done by those concerned Nimby’s in Tanglewood. I love how these groups always try to disguise their true concerns with veiled comments and civic concerns instead of their elitist, bigoted smugness. Its time that the interests of the masses be taken more seriously and tell these nimby folks to just stay up in their ivory towers and leave the rest of us alone. If they really don’t like looking into other peoples living rooms on the 25th floor then sell and move out to Brenham.

  • It may be about corrupt appointed officials using your money to enrich themselves. Cosmo did not hire Dolcefino to file complaint, he did. It’s about conflict of interest and hiding behind management districts and TIRZ to do the dirty work Let’s let the DA and courts decide

  • First world problem. Next problem.