40 Story Tower Proposed for Post Oak Corner Where That 50 Story Tower Won’t Be Going Up

South elevation of proposed Vantage highrise, Post Oak Blvd. at San Felipe Rd., Uptown, Houston, 77056

This could someday be part of the north-bound view on Post Oak Blvd., if plans that have been filed for a new 40-story highrise tower from Dinerstein at the corner of Post Oak and San Felipe Rd. come to be. The Vantage tower, shown above in a south-side elevation by Gensler, would include 32 stories of apartments atop 2 floors of retail; 2 of the 7 parking levels would be tucked underground, below an amenities deck.

The tower is slated for the same spot as a previously proposed 50-story tower from AmREIT, which back in 2014 spurred the formation of a political action committee by residents of the next-door Cosmopolitan condo highrise directly behind the property. The committee claimed that opposition to the proposed tower had nothing to do with any potential blocking of the condo’s views — though the renderings of the AmREIT proposal did show a ghostly sketch of the Cosmopolitan lurking very close behind in the background:


Previously proposed 50-story AmREIT tower, Post Oak Blvd. at San Felipe Rd., Uptown, Houston, 77056 The group claimed that the AmREIT residential tower would increase area traffic to levels that would make it difficult for emergency vehicles to respond — “If I’m having a heart attack, I’m not interested in a good view of the sunset,” member Jim Scarborough told the HBJ in February of that year. The committee also opposes the proposed series of dedicated bus lanes intended to reduce area congestion.

Currently, the land at the corner of San Felipe and Post Oak is occupied by Parvisian Rugs & Home and the Uptown Central branch of Mattress Firm.

Images: Gensler (elevation of currently proposed tower) via Urbannizer, Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie Architects (rendering of previously proposed tower)



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  • 40 Story Tower Won’t Be Going Up Where That 50 Story Tower Won’t Be Going Up

  • I am convinced there’s a conspiracy to make new construction in Houston as boring-looking as possible.

    I don’t understand why so much new construction in this city looks so square and blah.

  • @soboring This thing is actually really nice. I’m not sure why Swamplot only posted the south elevation.

  • Is this really happening? I mean the economics of high rises are shaky in the best of times, we’re on a slippery slope. The miraculous sales of the Randall Davis’s architectural abortion nearby are hot air, they’re were mostly deposits by speculators which will never close on those units. Hell, some speculators are still holding units at the Comsopolitain.

  • Two floors of retail space? Why can’t we get this in Downtown, Midtown, or (God forbid!) Montrose?

  • Just love how neighbors always want to dictate how others use their property in areas or neighboring tracks of land outside deed or restricted areas. Any purchase you make in Houston must be scrutinized and due diligence performed otherwise you suffer the potential if not likely consequences.

  • Urb – I’m not sure why Swamplot didn’t credit you on the HAIF for finding this.

  • I hate it. But I hate everything. And nobody ever listens to me because I’m always so predictably negative about everything. If it wasn’t for the internet I wouldn’t even exist.

  • @Montrose Didn’t notice that, usually they do.. I sent all the elevations to them early yesterday afternoon via email. Ha..

  • Added a via credit. Thanks for catching that!

  • Agreed @GlenW! Would love to get some taller mixed used buildings in Montrose.

  • Retail is risky in most mixed-use situations because the lease rates tend to be higher (to make up for increased construction costs) while tenants are more reluctant to come in without a big front parking lot (never mind the success of CityCentre etc.). But in this case, frontage on retail powerhouse corridor Post Oak Boulevard mitigates that.

  • I love Jim Scarborough’s comment. Dude: there ALREADY is too much traffic. But it’s nothing compared to NYC, LA, Tokyo or Mexico City. Not every resident would be exiting /entering @ the same time. If you don’t like traffic MOVE to the country. This is the same tactic that was attempted by some pissed off River Oaks residents when Hines built the tower on San Felipe. Those lawsuits went NOWHERE.

  • Green Fence up. Looks like the demo is complete on old strip mall. Lots of rebar and digging going on at the site.