Curious Poll Pushers Want To Know: Should the County Spend Any Amount It Wants on an Astrodome Redo?

CURIOUS POLL PUSHERS WANT TO KNOW: SHOULD THE COUNTY SPEND ANY AMOUNT IT WANTS ON AN ASTRODOME REDO? Interior of Houston AstrodomeThe last time a concrete proposal to spend public money to repurpose the Astrodome was on the ballot, Harris County taxpayers voted it down. So how hard could it be to come up with a new poll showing potential voters aren’t especially eager to shell out for the latest floated idea, to turn the public facility into a giant indoor park — about which no details, price tag, or even feel-good drawings have yet been released? Maybe harder than you might think: In stories about a survey sponsored by KHOU and Houston Public Media whose results were released yesterday, a few news outlets did produce dutiful variants of a “Taxpayers Oppose Money for Astrodome” headline. But coming to that conclusion from the actual data collected in the survey might have been a bit of a stretch. Here’s the somewhat ambiguous wording of the question presented, with no context, to likely voters in the coming election: “Harris County proposes turning the Astrodome into an indoor park. Should the taxpayers of Harris County spend any amount to make the Astrodome into an indoor park if no private investors want to fund the entire project?” 31 percent said yes, 51 percent said no, and 17 percent of respondents said they didn’t know. The subset of respondents who thought they were being asked if they’d be willing to give county government a blank check for a plan they’ve never seen wasn’t broken out separately. [Houston Chronicle; KHOU; Houston Public Media; Astrodome coverage on Swamplot] Photo: Russell Hancock

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  • Indoor snow mountain or IMPLODE and make it premium parking to pay for it.

  • The carpetbaggers that don’t want to pay for the dome should be kicked out of the city

  • I have a feeling that if it cost even $1 more to do the park idea than to demolish it, Harris County would vote to demolish it. They are so paranoid about the government using their taxes that they wouldn’t spend an extra dollar to keep the Astrodome. I blame Obama. Not that it’s his fault. But the paranoia over government that has sent millions of people paying hundreds if not thousands for guns since he was elected has doomed public amenities costing dollars or even dimes. When they vote against the dome, they are voting against Obama and the health care law that they can’t do anything about. I myself voted against Obama, but seeing how his presence has shriveled and hardened minds across the land is saddening.

  • Collect the demolition funds from the HLSR committee and blow it up. Enough already. Advanced civilizations bury their dead.

  • Love the paranoid diatribe that is completely irrelevant to the dome. It’s Houston history and worthy of being saved; frankly it’s a nicer structure architecturally than the giant rectangular box sitting next to it with even worse turf than the old astroturf. Saving the dome is a priority.

  • Really don’t see how Barak Obama fits in this discussion, but ok. You have a Republican County Judge pushing this, so I fail to see how Obama effects this issue. Look, Harris County is still Republican and they hate spending money on anything. They just want tax breaks, tax credits, lower property taxes, and don’t care if buses run or municipal buildings are falling down, they just want lower taxes. Frankly, I’m
    sick of this whole damn issue, just make a fucking decision!!!!

  • whether you’re for or against the dome re-purposing has absolutely nothing to do with politics. one things for sure though, houstonians have been getting screwed ever since it was built. i’m very much in favor of ending the madness once and for all. if you want a park in the astrodome go talk to HLSR and the texans. those are the two that would make millions off of it and should pay for it. with as many volunteer hours as houstonians have given to a for-profit organization like HLSR they basically owe it to us already anyhow.

  • I am not a Republican or anti government, and I am not a carpetbagger. I have fond memories of going to Astros games at the dome. But sadly, I think the dome needs to die. There is no feasible use for the structure that would not cost 9 figures, and maintaining an unused hulk is similarly wasteful. Historic preservation is important to preserve the character of neighborhoods, but that should not mean that every structure must be preserved simply because it is old. I recognize that it was an engineering feat in its day, but that alone should not justify spending tax dollars that could provide services for the homeless, extend light rail or bike trails, or numerous other useful public services.

  • I need more information. What were the results for the follow up quesitons?
    “Have you stopped beating your wife?”
    “Obama: bad president or worst president?”
    We must know!!!

  • The city should give dome to six flags

  • Why is it Houston is so quick to tear down our history and build something new or a parking lot? The Dome was the eighth wonder of the world. Lets take pride in ourselves and our city and fix it up and do something with it. I know it’s expensive but give me a break, we’ve been building brand new stadiums all over town. Please don’t continue to tear down Houston’s history. Figure out a use for it.