Death, Abandoned Feeder Road Strip Malls, and Taxes in Sherwood Oaks

DEATH, ABANDONED FEEDER ROAD STRIP MALLS, AND TAXES IN SHERWOOD OAKS Craig Malisow tries to unravel the ownership mystery behind the abandoned strip center that serves as a rather dilapidated Katy Freeway-facing welcome sign for 2010 Swamplot Award runner-up Sherwood Oaks: “The owner listed on the Harris County Appraisal District is J.E. Eisemann III, who died in 1981. Interestingly, he seems to have purchased the property in 1988. Apparently, HCAD inherited this information from the Harris County Tax Assessor’s Office, which never had any problem with a dead owner, because the dude, while dead, was paying his taxes. But in 2010, death caught up with Eisemann, and he missed some payments to a few taxing districts, including Spring Branch ISD. When that district sued, it listed Eisemann’s kin as defendants. . . . The estate promptly paid more than $20,000 in back taxes, and now appears to be current.” [Hair Balls; original MyFox Houston story; previously on Swamplot] Photo: MyFox Houston

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  • Wait, are you telling me that people DON’T like looking at this place as they drive to and from work?

    While driving, I find myself perpetually mesmerized by the derelict, bespeckled brown and white stone facade… then the noise of the Katy toll road barrier posts jostles me back to reality.

  • I live in Sherwood Oaks. This strip center is horrible and it is affecting home sales in our area. The owner is playing games by paying the taxes but leaving the deed in his deceased father’s name. It is proving near impossible to get any action on this property.

  • There is a good chance that the new multiple owners can’t agree on what to do with the property. I know, I know, you would think they would be able to just sell it and split the proceeds but you would be surprised how acrimonius these things can get.

  • Cry me a river you uppity yuppies. Right now, the property is being put to its best possible use, which is to appreciate.

  • There used to be a mercedes repair shop either using the site for overflow or operating out of one of the buildings. I can’t believe someone would pay taxes on that place and leave it as is. I guess there’s either a dispute behind the scenes or they’re really waiting to cash out. Its a shame because I bet a little Bistro or coffee house could really cash out there.

  • It seems that the elder III had a widow who actually shared the deed rights, at least according to the Harris County Clerk’s website for real property.

    Now, she died 4 or 5 years ago but apparently is still maintaining an apartment on McCue ‘just in case’.

    Probate records are also public on the county clerk’s site.

    So, apparently all that (and more) now belongs to the children, and we all know how children fight at times.

  • Regardless of what the owner(s) are allowing to appreciate or fighting over, he/they, have an obligation to keep the property safe and in good repair. Vagrants frequently take up residence in the building and the thugs use it as their own person “art” canvas. It’s not safe and it is an eyesore.

  • @Lost…thanks for that info. I drive by there all the time and often see cars in the parking lot. I just hit the gas, assuming something illegal is going on in there.

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    If there is an unsafe element to the property or suspicion of criminal activity, then the authorities should be called. This sounds like something for Neighborhood Protection to look into. That is, if the property actually is unsafe and/or derelict.