Demo Crew Sacks Former Home of Bud Adams in River Oaks

Demolition of 3218 Del Monte Dr., River Oaks, Houston, 77019

The former home of the House of Pain’s developer is shown above in a world of hurt this morning, as a demo crew tackles the longtime residence of Oilers-turned-Titans owner K.S. “Bud” Adams Jr. at 3218 Del Monte Dr. in River Oaks. The Oklahoma-bred oil baron moved into the 6,604 sq.-ft. house with his wife in 1954; having survived his wife, Adams died alone at his desk in the house at age 90, in October of 2013  — just days after the death of Bum Philips, the glory-days Oilers coach Adams hired and fired.

The demo permit for the building was issued on the 16th. According to the photographer, the shutters pictured above and below were long the same Columbia blue once donned by Houston fans:


Demolition of 3218 Del Monte Dr., River Oaks, Houston, 77019

After Adams’s death, the shutters were painted black; shortly, they will be no more. So departs the home of one of Houston’s most beloved and reviled historical figures: the man who first brought professional football to town in 1960 and, following the city’s early-90s refusal to build the Oilers a new 75,000-seat domed stadium downtown, whisked the team away to Tennessee.

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Final Takedown

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  • Now if only they could get around to doing the same for the Astrodome. We need more parking lots.

  • Instead of his house, they should have demolished his old Lincoln dealership on the Southwest Freeway. That place is a real eyesore!

  • Does his estate still own the lot?

    @David YES!

  • When I was a brat kid, we played putt putt at the old celebration station next to the Lincoln dealership. At the end of the course we would Happy Gilmore style hit our balls at the dealership. I felt bad for a long time, then I realized Bud owned the dealership.

  • Dude demolished a pro football franchise so somehow this seems right.

  • @David: Or get whatever thirteenth nephew owns the place on the Southwest Freeway to sell so that it can be renovated into something interesting. The building made it into that uncommon-common-modern thing at the MFAH after all.

  • Why is the home being demolished? Has the property been sold to a new owner who wants to build a new megamansion? Did bud have any decendants? If so, do they control the estate?

  • I am sure they will have a nice new home there within a year, but those trees will take decades to be replaced. Oh well. Cant save them all.