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EAST END ALCOHOL REPORT A reader from the Country Club Place-Idylwood area checks in with rumors, some news, and questions: “A neighbor who does not do computers had a co-worker tell him that there is to be a ‘Latino topless bar’ open soon near Idylwood. For the life of me, I cannot see where he’s talking about. Of course, the definition of ‘near Idylwood’ is the variable. How can I find out where it will be and if this is true? Are alcohol permits available online? The old Helena Motel property on Wayside at 45 is being developed slowly and right now, a Chick fil A is being built next to the relatively new Taco Cabana. I can’t really see an adult entertainment place going in near that location although that block with the corner is prime for a strip shopping center. Demolition of the old Oshman’s property for Walmart is progressing quickly. Last I heard there was still some question as to whether or not this Walmart would sell beer & wine. The back side of the property is too close to the AAMA School on Maxwell. I imagine a lot of people will be unhappy if they can’t do one stop shopping there. Can you offer some suggestions as to where to begin my sleuthing on the topless bar?” [Swamplot inbox]

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  • The old Tropicana Bowling Alley?

  • The old Tropicana Bowling Alley?

    Oooh, keep the bowling alley aspect. Breasts and bowling with beer and brats.

  • Does “Latino topless bar” mean only Latinos would be topless? And since “Latino” means “male” (as opposed to “Latina”) would that mean that it would be a gay bar?

  • I am with Will, my guess is that you are looking for a latin tapas bar.

  • Oh jeez… I sure hope he meant tapas and not topless.

  • I heard the rumor too and at the risk of offending some, what I was told it would be is a “mexican tittie bar”.

    If it was indeed put in the old bowling alley, that would be a fair distance from both Country Club and Idylwood but the folks in Forest Hill might not be too pleased.

  • So no white people are allowed in? :(