Fairhope Ranch Redo Aims for a Smaller Flip

FAIRHOPE RANCH REDO AIMS FOR A SMALLER FLIP 3202 Fairhope St., Braes Terrace, HoustonAs Swamplot reader Tawnya notes, the Braes Terrace ranchburger that emerged mid-August from a spring-and-summer redo sporting an almost-$700K asking price (it sold previously this past April for a far humbler $361K) has undergone a second, even quicker refresh. Sporting a new listing agent and a new side fence fronting its Buffalo Speedway frontage (pictured above), the home at 3203 Fairhope St. is now available for $649,900. The previous listing had dropped from $698K to $686K earlier this month, but was terminated yesterday. [HAR; previously on Swamplot]

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  • If the fence has to be so conspicuous, it should be done with horizontal boards.

  • I agree Gisgo, with the reno style they went for if the fence was done horizontally it would look very sharp and match the modern vibe. I will say at least they went with a non standard look for what they did do. But, the problem with the alternating board style they used is from an angle you don’t have the privacy a solid fence usually provides.

  • 649,9k of really tacky tile. Houston flippers– people pay attention to these details! Get with the program.

  • This same house was posted about 2 weeks ago a little overpriced

  • That’s a really high price to live next to a busy thoroughfare. Also, the designer seems obsessed with gray. That could get little depressing on cloudy days. But overall, it looks nice.