Fixing to Sell: Braeburn Valley Mod

This Lucian Hood-designed Midcentury Mod across the street from the Braeburn Country Club in Braeburn Valley hasn’t exactly been listed for sale anywhere yet — well okay, the owner has shown it off on HAIF. But Jason Jones says he’d be willing to part with it for, oh, $298,000. After he finishes patching and painting and getting it all ready for sale, that is. Over the last 5 years, Jones says, he’s done a bit of foundation work and put in a new 3-phase AC system and a new roof, but the home is still sporting the same 3 bedrooms and 2 baths it started out with in 1956.


The house sits on a 14,850-sq.-ft. lot on the corner of Nairn and Braeburn Valley Dr., just south of Bissonnet. Total square footage: 2,755.

Photos: Jason Jones

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  • this house is beautiful.

  • One of my favorite houses in that hood.

  • Stunning. I hope a modern enthusiast buys it and treats it properly.

  • Tear it down!

  • I would like to know the address. If this is right in front of the golf course I think I would be very interested.

  • I will play psychic for a moment… smelly hippies will scream “save the house”… no one will put their money where their mouth is… the home will be torn down as it should be… a new home will be built in it’s place.
    The only difference I see here is that it’s a crummy area and I don’t see anyone WANTING to build their dream house there.

  • Actually, Commonsense, it sits in a very nice pocket neighborhood of only 97 homes with the golf course bordering (and protecting) more than half of it. Are there some undersireable areas outside the neighborhood? Absolutely! But such is the way of a big city these days. I appreciate the diversity of the area and would rather be pecked to death by chickens than live in the predictable burbs. You got to ask yourself, “Do I want to ride the Merry-Go-Round, or do I want to ride the Rollercoaster?” And one more thing, this small neighborhood has its own very tiny Civic Association and all home owners pretty much know each other and watch the neighborhood (it is a great dog walking neighborhood). All 97 homes are on the email list and issues regarding the neighborhood are often put out on email to discuss. We even have are very own BBQ street party every year sometime in the fall. If anyone is interested in the neighborhood, shoot me an email. I’ll supply the tour of the hood and the wine!

  • The area is really nice, I remember driving down Braeburn Valley on a perfect fall day and the sun was going down. The houses looked absolutely gorgeous against the golf course. The one downfall is that the area is an absolute retail deadzone, I much prefer Sharpstown because they have better grocery stores.

  • Surrounded by ghetto, unfortunately.

  • “Surrounded by ghetto, unfortunately.”

    What a silly statement. EVERYTHING in Houston is surrounded by ghetto. Lovely house. Wish i could buy it.

  • I don’t see much “ghetto” around River Oaks, hard pressed to find “ghetto” around most of Memorial Villages, or West University.

  • Are we allowed to tell people to shut up?

  • Commonsense – I don’t understand why you say it “will be torn down, as it should be.” If the house is in good shape and the property values aren’t such that a larger/newer house would fetch more money, why “should” this be torn down? I don’t know that area, but it doesn’t seem that a bigger or new house on that lot is going to fetch >$300K, so why not keep it as is?

  • Common Sense, you’d be surprised. Travel down to some of the neighborhoods and you’ll have a full blown ghetto.

    Same with West U being so close to Almeda.

  • >>> Same with West U being so close to Almeda.

    West U close to Almeda? Just a Rice Village, Rice University, Hermann Park away I suppose.

    Shiver me timbers, I guess Oak Forest is close to the Montrose then.

  • HEy Robert Rulez, don’t you mean East U? Thats close to Almeda. That house is really nice…a nice house in a friendly tight knit neighborhood, that sounds good to me!