Former Adult Modeling Business next to Model Children’s Playhouse Tagged by City

2709 Bagby St., Midtown, Houston, 77003

A reader wonders why the house above at 2709 Bagby St. is just now getting a yellow note from city inspectors, who doled out an orange one right across the street last year. The new tag is stuck to the gate of the property formerly listed as the address of probably-not-just-a-modeling-studio Aloha Modeling Studio, which appears to have removed its signage in the few years following the city’s late 2000s push to enforce that then-decade-old sexually-oriented business ordinance. Per the new tagging (closeup below), the current beef with the city appears to be over some smaller issues — namely, some debris scattered around the lawn, and that loose board on the second story:


2709 Bagby St., Midtown, Houston, 77003

The property backs up to the City Place Midtown II apartment midrise, and is wedged between Ron’s Downtown Auto Services (on the corner with Dennis St.) and the model playhouse display (on the corner with Drew St.).

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Hanging Questions in Midtown

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  • have been keeping an eye on this house for a bit. Without doubt pre-1915 if not 10 or so years earlier. Would be a nice structure to build out as a bar with high ceilings, similar to “around the corner” in the warehouse district on the east side.

  • Same move made by the COH DON on the aging bungalow at 2811 Jackson Street, also in Midtown. The violation was a stack of two dozen or so bricks that needed to be removed, otherwise the decaying structure might prove to be an eyesore, or a nuisance, or whatever other designation a small pile of bricks signify.

  • I have a nice collection of those. Some with Ochoa’s name. Though most are “V. Davis” :)