Frank’s Grill To Move to New Telephone Rd. Strip Center

Just outside the Loop on Telephone Rd., Frank’s Grill — or Rank’s Rill, as Hurricane Ike rendered the standalone greasy spoon’s sign — will be closing and moving south about a tenth of a mile into the larger suite shown here in the recently completed strip center on Telephone and Fairway. The strip center replaced a car dealership and a body shop. There’s no date set for Frank’s move, but an employee tells Swamplot that it should be happening in about two months.

Photos: Allyn West

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  • Hope nothing changes except the location, great little hole in the wall they have!

  • I cannot understand why they would do this. That building is why Frank’s is good. It’s about the retro experience.

    Mark my words, they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Yeah Niche, I thought the same thing. They might not realize why a lot of people went there, if they actually did. Now it’s got all the charm and character of a suburban cell phone store.

  • Frank’s holds a special place in the heart of original eastend folks ,the move will not be a big deal,it is so near the original the clientale will remain the same.

  • I don’t think they will lose anything, the current building looks like it could fall down ant any moment, and the new place will hold more people, so its a win win!

  • they have been in the same spot since i was in elementary school. i am 67 now. it is a icon for the area.

  • I agree with TheNiche. They’re making it another Kelleys… and that’s a whole lot of unattractive.