Front Row View of the Oil Boom, from Baytown’s Oldest

There had to have been a pretty good view of the developing oil business from the back windows of this home. It was built in 1843 on the eastern bank of Goose Creek in what’s now Baytown, and probably enjoyed those first quiet 60 years before anyone suspected there’d be any oil back there. A little after 1916, though, it must have smelled pretty nasty, backing up to the state’s first offshore oil field.

It went on the market as an estate sale in August: first at $89,000, then lower after a $10K price cut in November. Someone put a contract on it late last week.


Yes, the home has actual AC, gas, and a bathroom. It’s 1,384 sq. ft. on a bit less than 2 creekside acres. A Swamplot reader imagines it could qualify as the oldest still-occupied home in the entire Houston metro area. Any of our local readers living in something older?

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  • I wonder what part, if any, is original to the home. Maybe the fireplace?

    Still, for any part to have lasted that long is saying something. On a creek. Which probably has risen many times in big rains or…..floods.

  • Wow…why no historical marker or designation? A house built in 1843 is a very rare gem in this part of the country.

  • Whew, I wouldn’t want to live there. It’s right next to a sewage treatment plant.

  • The house is adorable. It would look nice on the big empty lot accross from my house. :-)

  • I’ve always loved that house. I asked mama to buy it when I was a child. As an adult, I still pass it and wished I were living there.

  • @Jacqueline Ramirez, it’s a nice looking property, for sure!
    Regarding its age, according to HCAD, there are only two older in the county: one built in 1830 in Spring that has a homestead exemption but looks like a vacant lot on Google Street View, and one built in 1840 in Magnolia Park that looks like a charming well-kept lived-in house.
    FYI you can download the entire HCAD data set from their website.

  • Stunning! Love this place.