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  • Or just pitch in together from the beginning with regular pest control.

  • The circus is in town!!! LOL

  • The CIRCUS is in town!

  • Fumigation? No, it’s just the latest whimsical site-specific art installation by Christo.

  • These townhouses can’t be that old … and they already need to be tented? Yikes!

  • Are there any houses in the Heights that don’t have termites?

  • Exactly. Every property in the Gulf Coast gets termites.

    But this is a very festive treatment!

    Once a next-door-neighbor of mine was tented and I, LITERALLY, saw roaches and spiders running from that house toward mine. And my garage door was open. It was horrible. I ran to get all the RAID, etc, I could find and started spraying.

  • @Bernard,

    Mine, knock on wood … oh wait, my hand wasn’t supposed to go through the wall, was it?

  • I’ve lived near there for 10 years, and those houses are (I’m guessing) 6 years old at most. I’ve had termite treatments once or twice, but it wasn’t the whole circus tent thing. Maybe you can’t just do the foundation if you’re not up on piers.

  • It’s likely the homeowner is doing overkill by doing whole house fumigation. Likely was duped by an exterminator in going to for the “platinum” package.