H-E-B Scoping Out Its Options in the Heights

H-E-B SCOPING OUT ITS OPTIONS IN THE HEIGHTS H-E-B Bellaire Market, 5130 Cedar St., Bellaire, TexasIn response to questions about the possibility of building an H-E-B near the corner of Studemont St. and Washington Ave, H-E-B public affairs director Cyndy Garza-Roberts tells Swamplot that no contracts have been signed, and that the grocery store chain is talking to area developers that have “several tracts of land” in and around the Heights. Garza-Roberts told the Leader in 2015 that the Heights dry zone makes it hard to find suitable store locations, which also need to be at least 6 acres; the company is also eyeing the Garden Oaks/Oak Forest area. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo of H-E-B at 5130 Cedar St.: Wayne A.

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  • Store with a parking garage below would only need 3 acres. #thinkdenser

  • @Gregg Kalba: but where will they pump the water?

  • Dear HEB,
    How about Crosstimbers and N Main? Get ahead of the curve as this area is about to explode in development. And it is a food desert.

  • I hope someone tells Cyndy Garza-Roberts there is 9 acres available right now on North Shepherd and Janisch that could accommodate a store for Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, Shepherd Park, and Candlelight. It’s just north of the new LA Fitness. Alabama Furniture just moved in next door to the available land, and Wabash Feed is opening soon across Shepherd. North Shepherd is on a roll, and I doubt plots that large will be available cheaply in the future. Bring it, HEB!

  • @Memebag, a garage doesn’t have to be underground. Whole Foods Lincoln Park in Chicago has a precast (cheaper than CIP) concrete garage on TOP of the store. There’s also a number of spots unsuitable to build in Houston because of flood plains/floodways. In those areas a parking structure below allows it to be put back on the board for development. The Restaurant Depot on TC Jester&20th sits on one of those spots HEB…*cough*cough*

  • Central Market, please!!! And in the Heights, the real Heights… buy one of those car dealers on Shepherd and build!!!

  • Oak Forest Metro parking lot

  • Replace the Restaurant Depot on TC Jester and 20th. Ideal location.

  • I saw a bit on twitter about this. I live in The Heights, and the location in question is quite far for me to travel for groceries when there is a Kroger only 5 blocks away. I think if HEB really wanted to market to The Heights/GO/OF residents, it would look to somewhere on the North loop near Yale or Shepherd.