Hans’ Bier Haus All Partied Out, Now Switching to Coffee at the Edge of the Rice Village

ChristoMio Coffee Bar, 2523 Quenby St., Rice Village, Houston, 77005ChristoMio Coffee Bar, 2523 Quenby St., Rice Village, Houston, 77005The sign in front of the former Hans’ Bier Haus (which after 21 years shut down last month as previously announced) now reads a little differently: ChristoMio Coffee Bar is setting up shop at 2523 Quenby (in the shadow and projectile range of the nextdoor 2520 Robinhood condo tower). The new logo appears to have been planted onto the old sign just a few days after Hans’ mid-July final hurrah; no official opening date has yet been announced.


The alcoholic legacy on the Quenby-Kelvin-Robinhood-Kirby block is carried forward by newcomer Bar Bleu (which has moved into the spot formerly occupied by fellow departed condo neighbor Hudson Lounge) and long-time windowless blues bar The Big Easy. And ChristoMio looks to be edging out the competition for northernmost Rice Village coffee shop, snagging the title from the Kirby Dr. Starbucks 1 block south.

Photos of 2523 Quenby St.: Swamplot inbox

Kirby at Quenby

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  • What happened to the opening of the Christomio Coffee Shop in the former Breir Haus location on Quenby?

    The sign is still there and the grass is growing.

    Who is behind this project?


    Dr. Phil