Has Everyone Cleared Out of the Winhall Condos, Too?

Parking Garage, 1525 Garrettson Ln., Galleria, Houston

The Winhall Townhomes complex at 1525 Garrettson Ln. — tucked behind Willie G’s on Post Oak Blvd. — appears to be vacant, notes a reader who snapped the above photo of an empty (and chained shut) parking garage on one side of the Galleria-area residence. That’s notable because — unlike various other complexes around town that have been given the all clear in recent months — the Winhall consists of more than 30 independently owned condos. But sure enough, a for-sale listing has been posted online for the almost-2-acre site, which includes 285 ft. of frontage on Garrettson.


Map Showing Location of Winhall Townhomes, 1525 Garrettson Ln., Galleria, Houston

The complex, also known as the Winhall Condos, was built in 1963.

Photo: Swamplot inbox. Map: LoopNet

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  • Another condo project?

  • JLB owns the site.

  • That property has been for sale over two years. It’s under contract to a multi-family developer. Hope it’s a high rise but given that this is Houston will probably be a 5 story wrap.

  • On a square-ish site of almost two acres, with JLB at the helm, it’s probably destined to be a podium midrise with two-hundred-something-something units.

  • @MaxC is correct – JLB has purchased the site for multifamily development

  • They must have bought out the individual condo owners. I hope they got a good price for their units! That’s a valuable chunk of land, although I see that the price is not disclosed in the listing.

  • JLB, at one time, was looking to flip land. Note sure if this is their second attempt to do.

  • From deed records, JLB closed on the units last Friday.

    By exemption, it appears that only eight of the thirty units were owner occupied.

  • I was a Winhall resident for 30 years and Board Member. We sold the property to JLB, a developer from Dallas. From what we heard, either it will be apartments or mixed use. Lots of great memories and friendships, but it was time to move on as the property had served it’s best use.

  • Just curious – if one condo owner had decided not to sell (for whatever reason), would the whole project have been held up?