HCC’s New Health Sciences Midrise Almost Done Rising Along Brays Bayou

HCC Expansion east of Pressler and Main streets, Texas Medical Center, Houston, 77030

A crane and 2 egrets were spotted on Brays Bayou just east of Main St. by a curious reader, along with the rising superstructure of the new Houston Community College Coleman College for Health Sciences building. The midrise, which will eventually connect to the other HCC buildings across Pressler St. via skybridge, should have 10 stories by the time the building opens (which, per HCC’s current plans, will be next August). The building is going up between the UT’s Sarofim Research Building and the large parking lot where the Shamrock Movie Theater once stood, across Main St. from the currently-also-mostly-a-parking-lot Shamrock Hilton site where the new DeBakey High School campus is going up.

Photo: Swamplot inbox


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  • Whooping Crane? Exceedingly rare. That would be a sensation. More likely a great white egret and a smaller one, like a cattle egret or a heron.

  • @Innerloop Pedestrian: I think it’s a pun about the construction crane.

  • I think the “crane” referenced in the opening line is the building crane – and it was a bit of wordplay to mix the building crane and mention of egrets in the same sentence.

  • i was riding along that stretch on my bike the other day and was pretty surprised how many of those long legged water birds were considering its a stinky concrete lined bayou. i think i saw at least 3 different kinds. lots of fish in there too so i guess that explains it.