Little Thicket by Little Thicket Park To Be Plowed Under For Fresh Crop of Townhomes

Proposed Rio Vista townhomes from Titan Homes, Shady Acres, Houston

Check out the first 6 of what Titan Homes says will be 18 townhomes planned for the area alongside Little Thicket Park off W. 25th St. in Shady Acres. The land for the project, which was purchased by the builder in 2014, isn’t technically part of the park, though its leafy coverage runs up to the edge of the property and blends in. The first set of 6 homes — to be called Rio Vista North — appear to come in 3 styles of crinkle-cut top-offs to the facade, and will sit north of a to-be-extended stretch of W. 25th St.

The 6-by-1 arrangement will back up to the property immediately north, which BMRJ Development is seeking to subdivide for a separate 3-by-2 sixpack facing Ohsfeldt. That potential development isn’t shown in this north-facing rendering of the Titan project’s back yard:


Proposed Rio Vista townhomes from Titan Homes, Shady Acres, Houston

Here’s the long view of the ground-floor main living area:

Proposed Rio Vista townhomes from Titan Homes, Shady Acres, Houston

Proposed Rio Vista townhomes from Titan Homes, Shady Acres, Houston

Proposed Rio Vista townhomes from Titan Homes, Shady Acres, Houston

The homes will have 3 bedrooms upstairs; construction on the first 6 should wrap up next fall.

Images: Titan Homes

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  • I can’t decide which one I like better……

  • Nice that they appear to have a first floor kitchen. Rare find for a three story townhome.

  • I’m ok with curb-cuts but at least allow at least one vehicle to park between driveways.

  • Anyone here remember the Alamo?

  • Another nameless nabelet of clownhouse clones. At least the facade isn’t just a rectangle. Do they even make windowsills anymore?

  • Why can’t townhome architecture have its own idiom? Townhomes have been from their inception the Halloween trick or treaters of architecture. They wear the mask of mission style, modern, or craftsman architecture but never try to find their own form of architecture that accepts the townhome as an independent form of architecture. They are always dressing up like someone else. A lot of time great art comes from the imposition of arbitrary restraints. There has to be something original that can be done with a townhome other than pinning on a borrowed facade from a click and drag tool box on a CAD program.

  • I think I prefer the one with three windows instead of two, but there’s a lot to think about here.

  • Looks like Nuevo Amsterdam.

  • Little Ticket Park, is 100% in the 100 year flood. Hope these homes come with a kayak.

  • Titan Homes are the f-ing worst. When I was living in Shady Acres they were doing construction across the street from my house on some houses that looked just like this. Almost every day I was picking up trash outside my house that blew over the street. I never saw anywhere near the same amount of trash floating around any other construction sites as you saw from this one. A$$HOLES.

  • Can I get one covered in stucco ?

    And FYI – that fireplace surround is just horrific.

  • Progg is right. Titan built some across from Crisp on 23rd, that must have been in construction phase for at least 18-20 months. It seemed like work stopped and started all the time. Did they max out their credit cards buying sheet rock, then have to wait to buy plumbing pipe? The end unit was framed, then not Tyvecked for more than 30 days, so they ended up tearing it down due to wood rot and starting over. I feel sorry for the folks who paid good money for them. I could see problems down the road.

  • “Townhome” architecture has been around since at least the 18th century in all kinds of various forms, so at this point it’s safe to say it’s whatever the designer wants it to be.

  • What, no windmills?

  • These are a little too bright and colorful for me – I’d prefer something a bit more neutral.

  • Wow, I try not to be one of those who always bash on the design of new construction, but this looks quite terrible :(

  • Indeed, ShadyHeightster – spot on. We came very close to buying one in that development about Sept 2012. They were due for completion April 2013. The developer came up with a contract proposal that was so full of red flags we just walked away. Those houses were not ready to move in for a whole year more – about April 2014.
    Phew! Close call!