Heights Hike and Bike Trail: Actual Construction Spotted

Hike-and-Bike Trail Construction Along Nicholson St. Between 21st and 22nd Sts., Houston Heights

Martin Hajovsky notes progress on the long-promised hike-and-bike trail along Nicholson in the Heights. The path: South from W. 27th to W. 7th, then east to Downtown along the former Katy/MKT railway.

Photo of construction on Nicholson St. between 21st and 22nd Sts.: Martin Hajovsky

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  • I am so happy to see the construction of the bikeway on Nicholson Street in the Heights. Long time coming!

    The question on everyone’s mind here at the corner of Nicholson and 22nd Street is this: what’s this 5.1 million dollar project going to look like when it’s done?

    One lane of concrete has been poured on the east side of Nicholson, and nobody can say with certainty if that will be a northbound vehicle lane with the bikeway running down an esplanade and another driving lane to be poured on the west side for southbound traffic.

    I have checked for plans/drawings or even a detailed testual description at City of Houston and TX Dot sites, but I’ve come up empty.

    We’re all excited to see the project happen, but we’d like a visual perspective of some sort. Can you help us find one? We’d appreciate it. We’re all very curious.

    We love swamplot!

    Phillip Peters
    515 West 22nd Street

  • The paths are great but much confusion can be observed when cars stop for the small stop signs that have been erected on the path to protect the bikers from crossing into traffic. If I am wrong please site the regulation.