Here’s a Map of the West Houston Neighborhoods Behind the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs Threatened by Overflow

The map above outlines the actual locations of neighborhoods designated by officials yesterday as being at risk from flooding over the back sides of Houston’s dual Buffalo Bayou reservoirs — in advance of actual spillovers, which began last night and continued this morning. The map was put together by Chronicle data reporter John D. Harden, using information from the Harris County Flood Control District. Zoom in and you can identify specific streets and neighborhoods on the upstream side of Addicks (in red) and Barker (in blue) reservoirs.

Names of the affected neighborhoods are listed on the map’s fly-out panel, available by clicking on the icon at the top left corner of the map. Click on the icon at the top right corner to enlarge the map if you need to.

To lessen the risk of flooding to these areas, officials have been releasing water out the other end, through the Addicks and Barker dams into Buffalo Bayou — possibly (depending on bayou water levels) endangering neighborhoods and structures downstream.

Map: Houston Chronicle

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  • Should have never built there and those homeowners are straight up naive for buying so close to a monster sized reservoir. This is what happens when local/state governments don’t regulate and let real estate developers build free rein for the sake of development. Hope our leaders and future leaders have learned from this but somehow I doubt it.

  • If I recall correctly, the Army Corps of Engineers was strongly opposed to building all those neighborhoods at the ass end of the reservoirs. Now they can say, told you so.

  • Or at least you can

  • Many of those neighborhoods are Vincent Kickerillo developments, e.g. Nottingham Country and the various Kelliwoods.

  • if the feds didnt want people to build there, they should have condemned the land when they decided to use these areas as reservoirs

  • I wasn’t naive. I was never informed. No one knew!! We just bought in Kelliwood and my new neighbors who have been living there over 20 yrs never heard about the area being a reservoir flood plane?? Do you think people would buy knowing the beautiful green are marked as a “park”. on the map is a freaking reservoir dump potential flood area. ?? Even my realtor who owns her house in the area knew about this