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  • Textbook? I don’t get it. Was the photo link supposed to be to the bedroom with the cutesy dictionary definition of “boy” on the wall… Or the living room photo with the “1-2-3” throw pillows?

  • @bemocked – I think they were pointing out the Spanish 101 words “LA COCINA” in the kitchen, which literally means “the kitchen.”

  • The “English Tudor” façade was quite popular in the 70’s (even this poster lived in one). Today, I feel sorry for the 1 out of 100 kids who have to live without their name/initials on their bedroom wall as I can’t think of a niece or nephew in my family that doesn’t sport this particular motif. As a child of the 60s/70s, I never felt deprived as I was busy playing unsupervised in the front yard, riding my bike without a helmet, and drinking straight from the water hose outside.