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  • ha that is one crazy photo!
    I can’t even…

  • I hope nothing ever happens to that mirror as the sconces will have to be removed to replace it.
    On a different note, listings – including this one – love to drop names of designers 99.99% of us have never heard of. If I have to ask the realtor who that is, why even mention it?… If I list my own home, should I mention my lawn is professionally maintained by. Julio..um,.well, I don’t know his name as he’s only listed as “Julio – Lawn Guy” in my phone contacts?

  • @Native Houstonian, I coined a term for such a thing, ‘Obscurely Famous’. I also laugh when people drop names nobody ever heard of.

  • Staging realtor has to use the restroom. While seated, they proceed to play a game of ‘peek-a-boo’ in the mirror. An THAT is how this picture was conceived.

  • Non! “On ne passe pas’!”. Merci.