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  • That makes two (or 3?) Timbergrove Manor listings in the last few days.

    What’s in the water over there?

  • I actually kind of like it. maybe painting scenery on walls is out of vogue now, but I think its nicely done. And the rest of the house is gorgeous. Nope, nothing to make fun of here. Maybe tomorrow.

  • Looks like a movie set for a slasher film.”Let’s all sit down in our armchairs, and watch someone take a bath.” Also, what the hell is that on the floor?

  • What impact is there of being inside the Floodway (as per tsarp.org)? Any longterm building limitations and/or cost prohibitive insurance premiums?

  • Somebody really did go a bit trompe l’oeil mad in there. Lack of a garage might hurt them I would think. That and the whole floodway thing.

  • Flood Zone AE – depending on what the elevation survey says, flood insurance for the max of $250,000 on the building and $100,000 on personal property could be anywhere from $600 to over $1000 a year as opposed to the same coverage for less than $400 for a preferred risk Zone X policy. I do love that yard. The prankster in me wants to go stick a little face peeping through the foliage at the bather.

  • “Also, what the hell is that on the floor?”

    Looks like a pets water dish

  • and that “other” thing on the floor looks like a weight scale.

  • I am dissapointed that the yard is not painted to look like a bathroom. Such a lack of vision.

  • I had a bathroom like that in my old house. It was smaller, but had the same all over painting that made you feel like you were outside.

  • I’m more disturbed by the rifle hanging over the bed in the master bedroom!

  • “From Colleen:
    I’m more disturbed by the rifle hanging over the bed in the master bedroom!”
    ehh, that’s just some 100+ year old relic. hardly enough to get disturbed about. :/

  • The pet dish suggests that it could be the setting for a few laughs in the bath as the owner watches their pet persist in vain to go out those painted doors. The downside would be Rover lifting a leg against that tree….

  • Oh man. I saw this listing this weekend and ALMOST sent it to you, but general laziness prevented it. It’s worth the click-through though to see the rest of the house, must of which is styled in that “crumbling plaster revealing fake brick” fashion.

  • Mel ftw

  • John
    Nevertheless it’s a weird thing to hang over the bed. And I’d think it’d be commented on more than the dog bowl. Then again, I’m not a native Texan…