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  • Is it me or is every garment hanging in that closet in a plastic bag?

  • Looks like someone died and went to valance hell.

  • Posting pictures of peoples homes so others can make fun of them in a public forum…. STAY CLASSY SWAMPLOT!

  • Ohh, and that marble is “Improted,” I hear that improt tax is a bitch.

  • Wow. That’s white. Jimbo, for a couple of years in the 1990s my wife and I were both working long hours and had a new baby. We didn’t have time to do laundry and ironing and we had to wear nice clothes to work every day. The only good thing about it was that since we were both working we could afford to take everything to the cleaners for laundry service. That closet photo reminds me of that. The downside of having the cleaners do your laundry, aside from cost, is that it wears your clothes out much faster and the quality of pressing varies widely. It’s also conceivable that they have a moth or carpet beetle problem and they are trying to protect their stuff but it looks more like dry cleaning plastic.

  • Aww, don’t be sore SFP! If the house is going for that price, it won’t be their home much longer!

  • “There is enough room for two in this bad boy and it is jetted for full on whirlpool action.”

    Did the realtor formerly write copy for Girls Gone Wild DVDs?

  • Thanks for the reminding me I need to buy milk on the way home tonight.

  • Hellsing–HA! Too funny.

    By the way, making fun of other peoples decor/houses and real estate listings is what I love most about Swamplot :)

  • My eyes hurt.

  • I’m inclined to agree with JRo. Being a HAR junkie myself, my favorite photos are of the orange Formica kitchens (complete with avocado green appliances) usually accompanied with a photo of the dark wood paneled living room sporting two La-z-Boy recliner in front a broken console color TV with a newer TV on top (extra points if the bottom one’s an RCA Colortrak and the top one’s utilizing rabbit ears with aluminum foil!)

  • I also love how listings always describe everything as “this must-see charmer is nestled in the heart of …” I guess no one ever wants a home on the edge of a neighborhood…

  • Even the roaches wear shades in this kitchen…

  • A $700 maintenance fee?

  • Oh hey Amy, is that a wine fridge where the stove once was? Good choice. Pinot over pot roast every time.

  • Twin ovens in the full height cabinet a little further down to the right. Induction cooktop in the island. Not sure what that space with the wine fridge in was originally intended for.

  • I had to chuckle. One of the hardest parts of my job as a realtor is coming up with clever ways to put a positive spin on a home’s attributes without looking like a total shyster. I try to stay honest, without being brutal. My evil twin has wanted to just bluntly put it out there at times, but I’ve always won out thus far. Of course, all of my listings have been peaches!

  • Matt – what you’re describing is known as “retro” in the industry!


  • i have to say, it’s kind of creepy that from the pictures, it looks like nothing new has been brought into this house in the last 20 years-the decor, the televisions, everything! It’s really kind of weird.

  • But wait! The window coverings are included!!

  • I initially thought the kitchen view as a drawing, not a photograph. Just a little overexposed, I guess. I’m wondering if the strange gap where the wine fridge is used to be a space for a full size refrigerator or freezer. The upper cabinets match those over the refrigerator but the microwave cabinet looks like an add-on since the wood doesn’t exactly match. Maybe originally there was a full-size Sub-Zero type freezer in one spot and refrigerator in the other? Overall, not a bad house but comparing it to the French Quarter is a bit of a stretch.

  • Right, @ Amanda:
    probably the original owners are moving either to the great beyond or to the way-station known as elder care.

  • “Bright light”!!! — E.T.