Saying Goodbye to Houston’s Classic PoMo Y

Good news for those of you who enjoy the athletic side of demolition: At the moment, crews from Cherry Demolition are hard at work taking apart not just the Downtown Y, but this iconic vacant Y on Willia St. off Waugh Dr. as well, just north of Spotts Park. It’s the former Masterson Branch YWCA, designed by Houston’s own Taft Architects in a blaze of postmodern glory back in 1979, opened in 1982, but left to collect mold spores since its closing in 2005. The property was purchased a few years ago by the Greater Houston YMCA, with plans to open a new Wortham YMCA on that location.

Swamplot reader Jason Ezer was on the spot yesterday and captured these views of the formal decommissioning ceremonies:


Photos: Jason Ezer (demo); Taft Architects (building)

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  • I hope the new YMCA facility takes advantage of the prime views of the immediate Spotts Park, Buffalo Bayou and scenery. If I lived in that area I’d get a membership to run or cycle on a stationary machine with a view of green instead of a TV. Note: only cycle/run when weather was totally inclement.

  • Great pics Jason…I wondered what was to become of the site…many investors that were offered the deal 4 years ago could not get over the $75-85psf for the land asking price and then pony-up the demo costs, which would be enormous because of the huge pool inside, thus the mold.

  • PLEASE don’t let that place become more condos and ruin my enjoyment of Spotts Park.