Starting Now: Downtown YMCA Is Coming Down

If you’re the ghost of Kenneth Franzheim, scoot! Again. Cameraphone correspondent Pankaj reports that Cherry Demolition is already at work dismantling a second building designed by the Houston architect: the original Downtown YMCA at 1600 Louisiana St. Workers from the demo company have begun removing windows from the 10-story brick building; the property is now partially fenced. In 2008, as it announced plans to construct the new Tellepsen Y a few blocks to the east, the organization said it would tear down the 1941 structure in advance of selling the 85,000-sq.-ft. lot beneath it to Chevron, owners of the Enron hand-me-down tower next door.


Downtown YMCA with Chevron (Formerly Enron) Building in Background, Houston

Not included in the new and smaller Tellepsen Y, which opened last fall: replacements for 132 apartments in the older building. The Louisiana St. building was damaged by a small fire a year ago.

Photos: Pankaj (top 2) and bilbao58 (with Chevron tower)

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  • Young man, there’s no place you can go…

  • Hopefully not another parking lot -_-

  • Meh.. this place has been coming down for weeks.. they’ve had the windows out for a while now.. Just waiting for the final “implosion” or are they going to take a sledgehammer to the thing.. Seems too small to use anything over the top.

    It’ll probably be a parking lot for at least a little while..

  • given the crowd i’ve nearly been accosted by in there, i think that headline should read “GOING down.”

  • Per Cherry Demolition, they will be tearing the YMCA down, using an excavator and beginning on or around April 25th and they expect to take about 2 months. Bummer, no implosion.

  • Sad. I think this building is beautiful-love the clean lines. Anyway, didn’t Clark Gable live there?

  • Once again the hypocrisy of “historic preservation” rears its ugly little head.

  • I still preferred working out there instead of the new one.

  • I heard that too, Mel.
    Wikipedia has Gable working in Houston 1927-28.