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  • that area is still Hood Rat central….

  • Spray-foam insulation would actually be a turn-on for me as a buyer, especially when the guy doing it looks like he knows what he’s doing. IMHO it’s interesting and a good idea to post this pic in the listing.

  • During a recent build for us our GC said there wasn’t really anyone good doing it in Houston. Not at a price that competed with blown in.

    In an old home for a remodel I would really consider it. Certainly has the potential to remedy issues with 60-80yo properties not being as tight as new construction.

  • I would use the foam insulation but I have concerns over the rumors that over time the foam degrades and creates minute floating particles in the air. We’ve all touched the spray foam that’s been in place for a few years and it almost disintegrates in your hands.

  • Not a fan of this stuff. -1) the VOCs, 2) what Commonsense said about degradation, 3) just TRY to wire a new outlet…

  • I’ll have a slice! ;-)

  • That foam crap is just another builder fad. Just like the red and blue plastic hose plumbing some builders are using nowadays.

  • Foam does not repel zombies.