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  • If you’re asking $1.2 million for a 2,900-square-foot house in the Heights, wouldn’t you want to have the pool cleaned before it’s photographed for multi-list? Or is this some sort of reverse psychology juju to attract investment from the wealthy pool cleaners of Houston?

  • and for Gods sake, if you are going to talk about a 3 car A/C’d garage, show a picture, its important to guys like me!

  • I have trouble getting past the distorted photos.

    Is that one toilet really in the corner? The pedestal sink looks to me like it’s almost on the floor.

  • Looks like someone took advantage of Pier 1’s clearance sale on mirrors.

  • They are asking $407/sq ft!?! This is a little too cray cray. Agree with above comments that you might want to clean the pool before taking pictures. It looks like they took all of the leaves and grass and blew them out of the yard and deck and into the pool. Plan on buying a new pool sweep and pump with this house. Pics of the 3 car garage would be nice as well. Will it fit hybrids or SUV’s?

  • What a shame. Not a trace of the features of a historic home. Windows are not trimmed out, shallow baseboards. Where is the fabulous wood trim of a 1920’s home? They gutted it down and turned it into just another modern home with no character.

  • Those of you that would want better pictures of the pool if you were going to buy. Or a shot of the garage..
    You’re going to have to view in person anyway, unless you’re buying site-unseen. So like my theory goes: Pictures for listings are almost meaningless.