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  • Okay, I must be an idiot, but who would spend $790,000 to buy a home with a busted up interior? Can you imagine how much it would cost to finish it out?

  • And now I see that this house is on today’s (12/6) demolition list. Oh well. It’s a great location, but a renovation like that would be a huge time and money suck.

  • This was listed FSBO in February 2015 with a custom website http://www.1714cherryhurst.com and $600k asking price. It sold very quickly. Since then, there’s been a lot of work done on the house (replaced all the windows, gutted interior and removed the old shed out back), but it appears to have stagnated. Wish whoever gets it the best because that is a prime location and a great neighborhood.

  • @Courtney there’s still hope. Today’s demo list had 1714 California, not 1714 Cherryhurst.

  • @cmacd,
    This one is 1714 Cherryhurst. Today’s demo is 1714 California, in the Cherryhurst neighborhood (barely), but two blocks away.

  • @Skeptic – oops! You’re right. I misread that. Both addresses are great locations. I hope they find someone to renovate 1714 Cherryhurst. Cherryhurst has generally been able to keep the townhouses at bay, so I hope that trend continues.

  • This was my grandma’s house, they bought it in the 1950s when my dad was in HS. My dad sold it to a young family who were planning to remodel it, we’re not sure what happened. Ran out of money maybe? It definitely needed a FULL remodel… but these pictures of it completely gutted make me so sad.

  • @hanabi, plenty of people buy houses with the intent to tear them down completely. Nothing crazy about buying a property to remodel. Just have to know what you are getting into.