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  • Love the description… New never been lived on carpet.

  • Nice looking little house. The listing agent is Marvin Zindler’s son. Insert slime in the icebox joke here.

  • For the paranoid buyer!

  • Everybody knows that clean blinds indicate a well-maintained home.

  • Nice house, has potential with not a lot of work to be done. But, that big tree to the right side is too close to the house. I wonder if there are, or have been, leveling problems.

  • I’m in the process of getting my house on the market, and i made my realtor promise that our listing description WOULD NOT BE WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS. I wish I knew why some agents out there think it’s a good idea to do that.

  • He looks like his Daddy.

    Sweet house, too bad it’s in HISD.