Taking Away a Downtown Surface Parking Lot, for the Children

A reader who normally parks in the full-block surface parking lot on Clay St. on the east side of the Bell light-rail station downtown was shocked to discover his usual parking option vanished when he came in to work last week: “About three quarters of the lot has now been fenced off.” Inside the blue fence, at left in the photo above: a couple porta-potties and “one large piece of digging equipment.” So far, reports the reader, about a third of the fenced portion has been dug out — to a depth of about 3 ft.

That’s probably just enough of a hole to plant the new 10,000-sq.-ft. childcare center for employees of JPMorgan Chase (or rather, their children) that Skanska USA is building. The U.S. branch of the Swedish development company bought the property earlier this year.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Good for JPM, that is a progressive and awesome thing to do for their employees.

  • @Ian. JPM already have a childcare facility, in the Houston Club Building. Skanska is building them the new one so that they can clear the Houston Club Building for demolition. Skanska bought that building last year during their buying spree.

  • Good to know Jimbo.

  • They arent demoing the Houston Club Building. They are keeping it, at least thats what I last read. They will be renovating it.