Sicardi Gallery Steps Up to West Alabama

Brave Architecture’s new Sicardi Gallery across from the Menil parking lot is “pretty amazing,” declares Glasstire art critic Kelly Klaasmeyer, who was there for Thursday’s opening opening. The 2-story 5,800-sq.-ft. stucco-and-steel structure is a big step up from the gallery’s small previous space next to the McClain Gallery on Richmond. That lone window on the second floor of the new building facing West Alabama is designated as a rear-projection screen for exhibited videos, but they’re not showing yet:


A view of the library and balcony, upstairs:

Photos: Kelly Klaasmeyer/Glasstire

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  • The space really is pretty amazing and a great addition to the community. Can’t wait to see the video projections!

  • The location is pretty excellent, too. But I did notice that on opening night, most people (including me) parked across the street at the Menil’s parking lot. It turns out that crossing Alabama on foot is a bit treacherous (unless you are at a crosswalk with a light). Fortunately, they had off-duty police on site who would stop traffic for pedestrians.

  • I have a little 9 unit complex right here on Marshal. I’ve been driving past this thing constantly. Glad to see it done. It looks great!