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  • That is the ugliest damn house, lot, view that I have seen for quite some time. 20 years from now it will be a mess.

  • Wow-breathtakingly tasteless. The house is already a mess, no need to wait 20 years. In fact it appears to be unfinished. Clearly no designer or architects were involved.

  • “You won’t regret to show this home to your friend”

    But what if I have more than one friend?!

  • My assumption is that you have no friends (plural or singular) if you buy that place. Seriously, what an assault on good taste and on the english language (read the general description on the HAR listing).

  • Well now, you gotta admit that wet bar just sets it off!

  • Did they airbrush out the stripper poles?

  • What hideousness. Who ever approved and paid for this design should be forced to wear pictures of it fastened to their forehead like a Scarlet letter.

  • So does “People who live in glass houses shoudn’t throw stones” apply?

  • Any savings on taxes will be offset by the Windex bill.

  • One would think a person with a nearly $2 million dollar listing (tacky or not) would hire a realtor with some writing skill.

    “LOW TAX RATE. You won’t regret to show this home to your friend, one of the kind. It’s call modern meditterence style(new image). Entire of the house incoporate with TEMPERED GLASS.OWNER IS HOLDING AN ACTIVE REAL ESTATE LICENSE.”

    WTF is meditterence? It is certainly deterring me.

  • It’s nice to see Ralph and Alf Monroe finally finished a project. “Oliver, would you care for some hotscakes on the terrace?”

  • my eyes are burning… this is the most gawd awful mess of styles and glass I have ever seen. I am sure the neighbors are THRILLED to have this mess with the cougar gates in their hood. Truly shows an architect or an interior designer should be involved in every project, not somone you know who is good with color. Which apparently they were not even good at…

    That might mean the owner is the listing agent.

  • When the gate is closed, it looks like the house has a mustache.

  • I will be looking for this house on the daily demolition report in the near future.

  • dang, that is a stinkin awesome tax rate.

  • This house is $1.9 million of tacky. @Anon, I believe you are spot on, great observation.

  • You are correct, Mel. That also explains the English-as-a-second-language narrative in the listing.

  • I like to believe that good design adds value to a property. Clearly the opposite is also true.

  • Looks half-way decent at night… Should only show that photo.

  • “You won’t regret to show this home to your friend”

    I’m not even sure I know what that means. Is this compared to all of those other $2MM houses that would completely embarass me?

  • ab fab
    loving it

  • We need some sort of intra-year nominating process for the annual awards. This is certainly worthy of a nomination, even without a category, but no way will I remember this eleven months from now…

  • not to pile on, but eeewww! And in Sugarland? Bleh.

  • But such low maintainence! No leaves to rake and all it takes to clean the inside is a big ole squeegee.

  • Well, I like the interior of this house. I find it seductive, with soothing colors and utile cabinets (and OMG the curved glass bridge & staircase cost a small fortune.)
    The problem is the crap exterior. If this house had been designed organically – from the inside out – it could be awesome.
    The faux-luxe-italianate-manse blob is the downfall.
    Re: the RE agent, guess what? There are entire economies in Houston that don’t require proper english to get the job done. We need to have an open mind and accept that commerce is no longer dependant on proper english.

  • What is the deal with those metal knob things sticking out on the stairway. How many bruises would you get running in to those if you lived there.

  • Some people got more money than sense. That’s just a ridiculous house.

  • Wow, I bet they have a line up to buy that one. How long before it’s a foreclosure?

  • I live near that house. It’s been unfinished, and uninhabitated for years now. At first, when the house was being erected, it seemed to be a big nice house in an equally big nice house neighborhood. But when building stopped we all realized it was just a hideous mess of a house without any concept of curb appeal. There’s no gate surrounding the house. There’s no landscaping. The exterior glass walls look to be untreated for UV/HV Houston summer weather. It’s a pity really. The gated subdivision right next to it must hate that eye-sore.

  • First off, 2 million is Sugar Land is hard enough to swallow. Add this too it and it will sit as long as that concrete box on lake Woodlands.

  • The knobs on the staircase look like part of a wire banister system that don’t have the wires through them. So essentially instead of finding a way to attach the rail to the glass, he instead used part of a separate system for the rail!

    I noticed this house over a year ago when they were still building it, and I said then that it was the ugliest house I had ever seen. Those pictures only confirm it.


    Is that required disclosure? Otherwise, why would a listing agent be telling people what the owner does for a living? I wouldn’t think it has any impact on a potential buyer to know that little tidbit.

    Also, I think the “mustache” on the gate is to draw your eyes away from the fact that there is no fence attached to it.

  • uLack- yes, that is a required disclosure

  • movocelot, this is the United States and whether or not YOU believe it English is required.