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  • Beautiful house, it’s a shame they can’t get someone with a camera better than a cell phone. I’d be kind of insulted if I was the owner.

  • Very nice actually – but they should have torn/cut off the tags on the outdoor furniture!

  • Creepy photo Mr. Realtor

  • Does the child in the blurry living room picture convey?

  • What’s in the 13 orange-yellowish boxes in the wine cellar? A really special year??

  • Ooh, this home’s street view in the realtor’s pic 1 is LOVELY – very evocative…
    of Halloween,
    New Orleans,
    New England
    and Edwin Gorey.
    Love it!
    I also like his pic 3, through the french doors darkly –
    Sam Spade’s not at his desk; should I come back later? Or break in through this tempered pane?

  • I’m thinking Veuve Clicquot Pyewacket.

  • Kuningan’s right. Those are bottles of the Widow.
    In addition to champagne, they’re apparently margarita drinkers too, judging from the multiple bottles of tequila, two bottles of Cointreau and one of Grad Marnier.
    With the addition of the bottled water, this makes for a pretty good hurricane preparedness kit.

  • #7 & #8, thanks.

    I went back and viewed the pix again, apparently they’ve added more. Or, maybe I slept through them the first time.

    I sure missed the square toilet.