How To Demolish New Construction Without Using a Hurricane

2203, 2205, and 2207 Rutland St., Houston Heights

New construction and demolition are the yin and yang of Houston’s real estate landscape. But what if they could be combined?

Neighbors of the properties at 2203, 2205, and 2207 Rutland St. in the Heights — mentioned on Swamplot earlier this week — are collecting signatures requesting that the unfinished new houses be demolished, reports a source. Supporting documentation claiming that “complaints to the City of Houston have resulted in a discouraging cycle of occasional citations, brief minor flurries of activity on the part of the builder, and subsequent inaction” was to have been submitted to city council members and Neighborhood Protection yesterday.

The petition claims that construction began on all three houses in November of 2006. But the house in the middle appears to have a different owner, and Bunny Bungalower Annie Sitton says construction on that property was begun this year.

Below the fold: more pix . . . from before Hurricane Ike!


2207 Rutland St., Houston Heights, Under Construction

Yard at 2205 Rutland St., Houston Heights

Top photo: Annie Sitton; bottom photos: Swamplot Inbox

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  • I wonder if this builder is the same guy who is putting up spec houses in our part of town. Only one is finished and never sold, and he has three more on our street in various stages of incompletion.