How You Can Help Houston’s First Full-Time Human Trafficking Coffee Shop Come To Life

HOW YOU CAN HELP HOUSTON’S FIRST FULL-TIME HUMAN TRAFFICKING COFFEE SHOP COME TO LIFE Mockup of Proposed A 2nd Cup Coffee Shop, 1111 E. 11th St., Norhill, HoustonBeen looking for a good coffee shop somewhere around the Heights where folks can get together and discuss Houston’s role as a major hub for human trafficking? Where caffeine-hunters can experience moments of genuine outrage — then find themselves drawn toward information sessions, group discussions, planning meetings, and double espressos — knowing that all profits from their chatting and coffee-drinking habits will go toward charitable stuff like providing classes and counseling for survivors of human trafficking? If so, then you’ll be happy to learn about A 2nd Cup, which opened as a part-time “incubator” project a couple of years ago. Now the nonprofit, led by former junior-high science teacher Erica Raggett, has begun work on a buildout for a permanent, full-time home — in the Vineyard Church of Houston’s Storehouse storefront at 1111 E. 11th St., just east of Studewood St. (pictured above, right next door to longtime late-night cop favorite Andy’s Café). A 2nd Cup’s backers are trying to raise an additional $100,000 toward the effort on Indiegogo now. [Indiegogo] Photo mockup: A 2nd Cup

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  • Hope they have a spot at the OTC – apparently there is a noticeable uptick in prostitution when it occurs.

  • Yeah, I would like to know exactly what they are doing to help victims of human trafficking, before supporting this project in any way. “Human trafficking” is a hot buzzword in the political funding arena right now, but most of the initiatives claiming to help victims are actually punishing them.

  • I commend the idea here. The first step in making some change is to simply … make a first step.
    Raise awareness, share knowledge, make connections, network.
    So, it’s a coffee shop that you don’t have to patronize. But I’m interested.
    Re: the professional OTC Ladies, they come in for the event.
    I’m not aware that any are traffiked, exactly.

  • Great cause and delicious coffee!