New Replacement Oak Planted in Front of Kirby Dr. Wendy’s Is Taller Than the One Its Owner Chopped Down

Replacement Oak Tree in Front of Wendy's Restaurant, 5003 Kirby Dr., Upper Kirby, Houston

The sixth and last of the replacement street trees was planted in the public right-of-way surrounding the Wendy’s drive-thru at 5003 Kirby Dr. over the weekend. “It is a big specimen tree, taller than what was removed,” writes the reader who sent in these photos of the installation paid for by a special city fund for Houston parks — so we can all see for ourselves. The previous weekend, 5 replacement oaks were put in along the side street, North Blvd. Crews hired by the franchise owner, Mohammed Ali Dhanani of Haza Foods, had chopped down 6 trees on adjacent city property last October. You can compare the current scene in these photos and in our story last week with how it all looked before the chainsaws were fired up.


How are drivers supposed to see the Wendy’s sign with all these new leaves and branches in the way?

Replacement Oak Tree in Front of Wendy's Restaurant, 5003 Kirby Dr., Upper Kirby, Houston

Photos: Swamplot inbox


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  • pure awesomeness….

  • There’s a lesson to be learned here … Next time don’t get caught.

  • Couldn’t happen to a nastier franchisee. Now we just need to fertilize the oak in front of his Burger King down the street, so its mutilated branches will quickly grow to obscure the billboard architecture once again.

  • The ground around them looks awfully dry. They are definitely looking stressed.

  • the system works!


    Per that link these need at least 3 years of care and won’t grow at a normal rate until about 5 years from now.

    Do we really not know if these are going to be watered or cared for by whomever planted them?

  • Swamplot: Your source for comprehensive, 24 hour coverage of the Kirby Wendy’s trees.

  • awesome, love it

  • Go to the Woodlands to see how you can see with all the trees and branches up, but houston could probably come up with something cooler.

  • Don’t Mess with Texas!

  • The franchise would have been better off with a ground-hugging sign. And thank you Swamplot for continuing to cover this. Ignore the snark from those feel that every entry must be geared just to them

  • The fact is that the franchise owner knowingly and willfully broke the law. He paid the fine. Trees were planted in place of the destroyed ones. The city, in this case was made whole. Justice prevailed. I hope everyone looks at this and realizes that they can save $300k by not destroying city property. I’m never eating at Wendy’s ever again. The conduct of the franchise holder was terrible. That is a direct reflection on the company. I hope the city of Houston comes down as hard, if not harder on violations in the future.

  • I do hope they get some water……

  • Now lets put up more trees along Richmond and Alabama. It’s time to beautify Houston.

  • Who cares? How many more trifling articles on these trees? Do you people have lives?

  • @Semper Fudge
    You see something you no interested in, you no clickey-clickey. This is how the internet works.

  • Betting the franchisee just ordered a few boxes of rock salt off of Amazon…

  • Oh, I’m interested. Interested in how many more articles about the Kirby Wendy’s trees we can get. I want a push notification on my phone when they first develop acorns.

  • Be sure to give us up to the minute updates! It’s so fascinating!

  • @Semper Fudge
    Considering you are back here again, I’m going to take your expressed interest literally. Looks like this blog knows what it’s doing.

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