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  • Why is that realtor smiling?

  • I seriously hope if this was some sort of animal hoarding situation the realtor called the SPCA.

  • Must be a good deal for some reason to someone, ’cause it’s pending.

  • @Gus – I’m disappointed that you didn’t select the picture of the swimming pool! That is way more of an attention getter.

  • Bubba: Realtor is smiling because he knows he’ll get a few $k comission for his 1 hour of taking pictures and posting on HAR.
    For most submarkets, price and location sells the house, the the quality of the realtor or their pictures. So any agent getting a listing in this market should smile.
    Or he’s smiling because of how cool he looks having his coat casually tossed over his shoulder. Not sure. It’s a toss up.

  • @Gisgo: Well, that is a lot of square footage for (presumably) under $90,000 in this market, and it’s in a pretty nice neighborhood for the area. I shudder to imagine trying to get the smell out of that place though, I bet it stinks to high heaven.