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  • I like it! though I’d definitely rescue the blue, blue, electric blue dining room and fireplace surround.
    I love color but that’s beyond the pale (…blinds, drawn all day – nothing to do, nothing to say… Is this house an homage to David Bowie?)

  • The Blackout kitchenette looks amazing. Who would have thought such a small space could have such an impact.

  • that’s pretty cool and unique – I’d like to know how they obtained the constant wet look, clearly high-gloss paint. Glad Swampot is uploading cool stuff to see instead of obvious dumb har photos. Maybe swamplot should branch out to other Texas cities to show us cool and interesting architecture homes. I think we are all tired of the ‘compound-home’ that isn’t selling in Pearland a few weeks ago that keeps getting featured on this site. Personally I want to see cool stuff like ‘curbed’ displays not gossipy photos of just Houston. Anyone else on board with this idea? What about showing us cool stuff from the Dallas and Austin area, Swamplot? Personally I think if Swamplot recreated an architecture and design site for just Texas homes (not just Houston) Swamplot would get more younger and hipper site audience (thus more ad dollars). When I lived in the NE I used to read Curbed all the time.