Ike in the Heights

Plywood Yard Gingermen from Christmas Recycled as Hurricane Ike Shutters, Houston Heights

Touring the Heights after the hurricane, Katharine Shilcutt Gleave is surprised to discover the front porch of Fitzgerald’s still intact. And Mimi Swartz spots these recycled yard gingermen leftover from Christmas, pressed into window-protecting service.

A few more of their photo finds from the Heights, Woodland Heights, and Norhill:


The Skylane Central Apartments on White Oak, well acquainted with floodwaters:

Skylane Central Apartments, Woodland Heights, Houston, after Hurricane Ike

Someburger, at 11th and Studewood, battered but open:

Someburger, Studewood and 11th St., Houston Heights, after Hurricane Ike

Norhill, exfoliating:

Trees Down in Norhill after Hurricane Ike

Photos: Mimi Swartz (top two) and Katharine Shilcutt Gleave (bottom two)

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