In Lindale Park, Dairy Land Is Scooting Over, Going Brick, Tearing Down the Old Place

Dairy Land, 310 Cavalcade St., Lindale Park, Houston

Dairy Land, 310 Cavalcade St., Lindale Park, Houston

The new brick building across from the Cavalcade station on Fulton St. that went up next to the former Dairy Queen corner spot known as Dairy Land is meant for Dairy Land, new lettering attached to the recently completed replacement structure attests. The signage went up shortly after the old building at 310 Cavalcade St. (pictured below) was demolished last week.


Dairy Land, 310 Cavalcade St., Lindale Park, Houston

Photos: Brent Oldbury

Cavalcade & Fulton

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  • Sad to see that old building get demoed. And what is Dairy Land? Did Dairy Queen drop the Queen? The new building looks as bland as milk.

  • My old girlfriend worked at that old building back in ’97 or so.

  • They did save the vaguely-Eames-ish bent playwood booths that were left over from the building’s Dairy Queen days. Although, they do look out of place in the new building.

  • How to value engineer your project after blowing the budget on scuppers.

  • The old building was enticing to customers, not just because it was a cool old building but for the very simple and fundamentally important reason that a prospective customer knew what the place was because they could see what was going on inside of a well-lit interior. They didn’t have to guess at whether it might be the corporate offices for a milk wholesaler/distributor, and if they had to guess then they wouldn’t have stopped to find out.

    They’re going to need some damned impressive signage, and it needs to be delivered yesterday.

  • Can an architect be sued for malpractice? If this is really supposed to be a storefront he or she should be.

  • The Niche is right on. From the time they built that building, I never assumed Dairy Land was moving in because it just doesn’t look like a fast-food joint. In fact, from the interior layout that we could see through the windows, my wife and I had guessed that it would be medical or dental clinic.

    And don’t get me started on those scuppers! Is there a reason they couldn’t slope the roof toward the back?

  • When will the restaurant re-open ???

  • They opened today and we waited 45 minutes for our food….how ridiculous?! I even found a hair in my gravy and they forgot our fries for a combo. I WILL NEVER GIVE THEM ANOTHER PENNY! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!