Is Something About To Happen to the Park Memorial Condos?

A reader who spotted a group of “official looking folks with hard hats and fluorescent vests” looking at the grounds of the Park Memorial Condominiums at 5292 Memorial Dr. last week (and sent in photos of the group congregating at the Detering St. entrance to prove it) wants to know if the visit means something is about to happen to the abandoned property. Swamplot’s most recent first-person report on the complex came from a runner who passed through with a group in March, to admire the mosquito-infested pool and “creepy” surroundings. Condo owners have been stuck in limbo for the last 3 years, since city officials ordered the property vacated. Attempts to sell the property to a third party for redevelopment have failed so far because condo owners have been unable to agree on terms.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • They are in fact being torn down and the site will be redeveloped with mid-rise multi-family project. I have heard there are a few remaining holdouts from the ownership side, but supposedly it will be moving forward soon.

  • “city officials ordered the property vacated. ”
    Disgusting. It’s not their damn business.

  • Gee, one morning you go to your car in the garage below your condo, 3 stories of condo proceeds to collapse on your head, killing you and anyone else in your vicinity.. No the city has no business regulating unsafe structures….

  • Yeah something will eventually happen: wrecking cranes & bulldozers !!!!!!!!!!

  • Marvy Finger could be the developer!!!

  • Condo 101. The HOA has some explicit method of voting for the entire property being sold for market pricing, and is a democratic process.

    I’m 100% certain the city is not just out to get this place. The above, actually, is how most obselete condo complexes remain in high desire spots — think the corner of Post Oak Boulevard & Uptown Park Boulevard.

    If just about anything on earth required 100% support to do something, nothing would ever happen.

  • jg, we did have a percentage clause to get things moving toward sale. There were enough holdouts of the 108 owners to keep the sale in limbo. Thanks to them and the quick-draw city inspection process that condemned the entire property over one building’s problem, I now suffer a foreclosure on my credit.

  • Sorry, I very nearly bought there in 2007…

  • cm=corey, you dodged a huge bullet.