The Park Memorial Condo Wildlife Refuge

THE PARK MEMORIAL CONDO WILDLIFE REFUGE A participant reports on a local running group’s visit last week to a thriving wilderness area off Memorial Dr. — otherwise known as the campus of the Park Memorial Condos: “We ran around the Rice Military area heading south, then ran into the parking garage under Park Memorial, winding our way into the courtyard gate and the path that leads to the swimming pool. [We] had a “beer check” (kind of like a water stop, but, you know, with beer) right by the mosquito-infested pool. This was about 8:30 p.m. and it was pitch dark (the moon hadn’t yet risen). It was creepy and also awesome. I was really surprised by how easy it was to get in there. We just walked right through the gate, then walked right back out. Several of the apartments’ doors were wide open too. It was rather spooky. I expected to see homeless squatting there but we never encountered anyone . . . . It was pretty cool to finally see what the inside of the complex looked like, but sad to see the state of disrepair they’re under.” [Swamplot inbox; previously]

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  • Oh, great. Now the Hashers are having beer stops atop the grave of my financial downfall. Hope someone gets tetanus from a rusty nail left by the guys who lifted my HVAC unit.

  • On Google Earth’s time slider tool, the pool turns from a light aqua blue to a dark green pea soup between Jan. 2008 and Sept. 2008.

  • Ha! On-on to our next conquest.

  • I heard the place was under contract again, or at least there’s a new offer on the table from a buyer not named Finger. The new price is plus or minus $15 million.

  • When I was last there, sometime last Tuesday, there was an official surveyor there taking measurements. He didn’t seem to mind my curiosity of the place.

  • 4.5 acres complete with squatters, and a condemned building?!!? I nearly bought a condo there, and wondered why so cheap? Wow I’m sold now. Not sure that I’d willingly admit to trespassing though.