Julia’s Bistro in Midtown Has Entered a Dark, Quiet Period

Julia's Bistro, 3722 Main St., Midtown, Houston

“What’s up with Julia’s?” writes the Swamplot reader who got a Main St. train to slow down enough to snap the photo of the unlit Midtown restaurant above. “It’s been dark and closed for weeks now. With all the new development and foot traffic from the new apartments across the street and new restaurants/bars in the area, everyone’s wondering: Is something new in the works for this premier midtown corner?” The answer is yes: A “new concept” for the restaurant space is being developed. In the meantime, Julia’s Bistro is closed for lunch and dinner, but available for private parties.


Restaurateur Marcus Davis bought the restaurant at 3722 Main St. in 2013; it shares Alabama St. frontage with his Breakfast Klub at 3711 Travis St. Between the 2 buildings is the bar formerly known as the Mink, which Davis also bought with a partner and renamed the Alley Kat Bar and Lounge.

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Gotta Wait

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  • Wait a minute. I thought the only people riding the train were bums and hipsters, and since this photo doesnt look like it was taken with a classic 1980’s film camera and bums don’t have cameras– I’m going to assume someone normal is riding it. Why don’t they just do what every other ‘true’ american does, buy a car and drive into the train?

  • I feel like I should apologize to the Swamplot community, which… is ridiculous.

    I scheduled a business lunch in July at Julia’s, only to find it in its current state then. When I called to follow up I was told that they would be renovating and would re-open soon.

    Bottom line – It may be best to not hold one’s breath for the new concept at that location.

  • Yet more evidence that Houston today has too many restaurants chasing too few diners.

  • Using the word “concept” on a restaurant nearly guarantees death within one year.

  • Cool place. I love that whole area of midtown.

  • @ShadyHeightster I agree.

  • That location is HOT right now. I can’t wait to see what goes in.

    So many apartments being built around there means more foot traffic on the sidewalks, which means new shopping, dining and entertainment.

    And it’s the cool area of Midtown, not the cheesy 20-years olds area.

  • Damn. They had great lobster bisque.

  • I’ve driven/walked/biked by that restaurant many times and always wondered if it was really ever gone survive. It never seemed to have people in it during the day; perhaps the night scene was better.

  • Wait, I’m confused, because when I think about that ‘cool’ area in mid town all I think of is gas stations, homeless shelters and ‘luxury’ complexes desperately clinging to life (Ventana)… what changed?

  • I remember when this place use to be a coffee house on one side and a club on the other side where DJ Sun use to spin on sunday nights that was like 12 yrs ago

  • I work in Midtown but couldn’t remember which of the many similar “luxury apartments” was the Ventana, so I looked it up, and all I can say is WOW. The reviews on Yelp and ApartmentRatings.com over the past 9 years continue to mention problems with fire alarms, security, and the annoyance of getting hit up by bums every time you leave your building, but this review takes the cake:

  • tacos a go-go, big top lounge, and the mink was always such a perfect combo and saw a ton of great bands there. shame this part of town never caught on fully back then when it truly felt like the intersection of montrose/midtown. wonder if it’s just been watered down to blandness by midtown at this point, any updates?

  • @GoogleMaster – haha thanks for sharing that is the first time I’ve viewed a YouTube vid of sewage overflowing out of a toilet – definitely adds to the cred of the review. And well written, too – I might add.