Knocking Out a Few Properties from the Woodland Heights and Houston Heights South Historic Districts

Planning director Marlene Gafrick is recommending that city council shrink the boundaries of the proposed Houston Heights South and Woodland Heights historic districts before approving them — but only slightly. In this morning’s meeting, Gafrick presented a map of Houston Heights South with “squared off boundaries” in the southeast corner and western edges of the district, and that excludes a number of residences on Oxford St. For Woodland Heights, her map cuts out some properties on Omar St. She proposed making no changes to the proposed boundaries of the Glenbrook Valley district. The actual designation and boundaries of the districts will be up to city council.

Photo from 800 block of Columbia St.: Swamplot inbox

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  • I can’t believe a posting about an Historical District has made it six and a half hours without a comment. I just felt the need to say SOMETHING!

    Have a nice day, boys and girls!

  • I think everyone is bored by it as well as just accepting that the mayor will have her way. By hook or by crook.

    Unless city council decides she won’t. But that won’t happen. Which is why we may see not only a new mayor but a new city council when everone really votes on the historic district ordinance at the polls.

    Don’t blame me. I didn’t vote for her.

  • Living on Oxford, I find that interesting. What houses?

  • Shout out to the neighbor who saw the delightful irony in this.