La Roux Opens Doors Behind Yet-To-Unfurl Black Orchid Gastro Lounge on Washington Ave

La Roux, 4011 Washington Ave, Rice Military, Houston, 77007

A reader reports some spicy action at the corner of Washington Ave and Leverkuhn St., where nightclub La Roux has opened its doors in the last 2 weeks for (separate) Rodeo-cookoff- and lingerie-themed events. The new building, which has risen into place behind and around the former Guadalajara bakery, is shown from the Leverkuhn side in the photo above.

The former bakery’s window still boasts an April TABC application notice for Black Orchid Gastro Lounge, which was anticipated to open last year. The new black box to the right of the 1930 brick structure is the other side of La Roux:


Future Site of Black Orchid in the former Guadalajara Bakery, 4003 Washington Ave, Rice Military, Houston, 77007

As of January a year ago, chef Michael Sanguinetti was slated to be at the helm of Black Orchid’s $75-ish nightly tasting menu. Culturemaps reports that Sanguinetti’s other Washington Ave project closed for restructuring last summer due to conceptual disagreements between Sanguinetti and the owner.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Blooming in Rice Military

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