Label Warehouse Calling It Quits on W. 19th St.

The Label Warehouse clothing resale store 3 doors down from Boomtown Coffee on 19th St. is now selling off the last of its stock ahead of the planned closing announced on its Facebook page earlier this month. The Heights thrift venue and its Midtown sibling location on the corner of Main and Eagle streets — also on its way out of business — are the last 2 spots remaining in the chain, which once held outposts in Conroe, Misouri City, and Angleton, as well as others in Houston. Its first location — opened at 6708 Harrisburg under the name Insurance Claims Fire Sale Warehouse in the early 60s — closed last year.

The photo at top looks south across 19th St. to show the few items left in the soon-to-be shuttered 7,425-sq.-ft. Heights building.

Photos: Some Random Property Gossip (storefront); Chelsi H. (sign)


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  • Great news! This has been an eyesore as 19th Street has worked to become a destination with cute shops, good restaurants and the Heights Theater. I hope the building can be renovated into an attractive spot – would love to see a hip bowling alley/restaurant.

  • Heightsite: “Yeah! a company went out of business!”

  • I second bowling alley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Cody: Funny!
    The bldg could use an exterior cleaning. Maybe a small remodel and you’d be good to go

  • How it stayed in business until now is a marvel. In any case, the parking lot next to it needs complete reconstruction. It rivals the surface of the Moon for craters.

  • Cody – you’re a comedian! What about all that Ayn Rand nonsense you usually spout?

  • In 5 year of living nearby, I never actually saw anybody enter or leave that place. It’s a minor miracle it stayed in business as long as it did. By all appearances, it was basically a time capsule since its inception over 50 years ago.

    Hate to take joy in the demise of someone’s business, but I can only anticipate whatever takes its place will be much more in line with the current needs/wants of the neighborhood.

  • Anyone taking bets that the Sand Dollar across the street will be toast by end of year?

  • “19th Street has worked to become a destination with cute shops, good restaurants and the Heights Theater”
    unlike the past 100yrs? Too bad the yuppies have just about ruined the place now.

  • “And so it was, by the will of the neighborhood, made to be.” 1st IPA Chronicles, NIMBY Bible.

  • This location was part of a secondhand/thrift store agglomeration in this part of the Heights. This place, Sand Dollar and Goodwill, all within a couple blocks of each other, plus Junior Forum and Value Village just a few blocks away. I’ve wondered if it’s because the people who like to dig through antiques stores (many of which are glorified thrift stores in their own way) are the same people like to dig through thrift stores.

  • @Angostura I believe the agglomeration of thrift stores in this area that you note is just a leftover of what was once a scruffier area. I loved hitting up the Label Warehouse, Sand Dollar, and Value Village (along with that outdoor junkyard and Casa Ramirez) back in the late 90s, when there was nary an upscale boutique or coffee bistro to be found on 19th. If anything, it’s amazing that some of these thrift stores held on as long as they did, given that rents must be skyrocketing through these last few decades.

  • “hip bowling lane”? Now, that’s an oxymoron… :-)

  • Undoubtedly another victim of the outrageous property taxes in this city.

  • Wait a minute, where are all of the save the bungalows / historic preservation people? This is a landmark and part of what makes 19th St. a bit funky and “weird”. So does this mean a 50 year old business is not worthy of historic preservation? Then why must we preserve a old termite ridden bungalow for twice the cost of a new build? I am so confused….. Meanwhile the free market forces reign supreme in Shady Acres with even more townhome subdivisions and “hip” new bars and restaurants. Jus’ keepen it shady n Shady Acres, y’all.

  • @In the Doghouse: Maybe one day you will understand the concept of aesthetic value.

  • @Doghouse,
    I’ll bite. I’d like to see this structure preserved, not because of its quality, but because of its footprint: right on the sidewalk, filling the whole lot. It would be illegal to build that footprint today, so I hope it stays.

  • Heightsite: I object to someone being happy about someone else misfortune. What does that have to do with my overall believe in a free market?
    A free market means some ideas make it, some do not. But if someone has a business that fails due to poor execution, a misread of demand, or just a shift in market preference, that doesn’t make me want to gloat or kick them while they’re down.
    The fact that might be confusing, or that you’d call the free exchange of products and services between people “nonsense” is pretty telling.

  • I really hate this…so sad I been shopping here for over 20 years. Now since these so call developments stealing all our property is sad.

  • What stores will take on their inventory??Will it be Falles Paredes or Big Lots or??

  • where is the new location for these store