Little Flags Are Flying Around the Once and Maybe Future Regent Square

Survey Flags at Proposed Site of Regent Square, Allen Pkwy. at Dunlavy St., North Montrose, Houston

Remember way back in 2007, when excavators tore down portions of the Allen House Apartments in North Montrose to make way for GID Development’s massive mixed-use project known as Regent Square? Well, it’s okay if you don’t. Anyway, the thing hasn’t happened yet, though the nearby apartment tower that opened last year called the Sovereign (seen in the background of the photo above), which wasn’t included the original plans, is now cited as Regent Square’s first phase. What of phases 2 and above? Swamplot reader Mike Bloom reports there’s evidence of recent action on the now empty lot at the corner of Dunlavy St. and Allen Pkwy., dating from the middle of last month: little pink flags on stakes — the kind typically used for surveys.

Photo: Mike Bloom

Stakes in the Neighborhood

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  • looking at the website it’s definitely an impressive plan they originally had, but yeah, in 2007. they could have made a killing if this was actually financed and built through the slump but now there’s a bunch of other options that will be cannibalizing from their original demand projections. I can understand them moving forward with the residential plans, but it feels like any office/commercial plans are permanently nixed until they can fill up the residential projects and build up demand levels. feels like we’ll still be talking about regent square another 10yrs from now.

  • Looking at those stakes being outside the fence, it probably has nothing to do with this development.

    Probably some utility work or related to Allen Parkway work.

  • I wonder whether the downtown urban living initiative has taken any steam that this project may have been able to develop through the boom. It is kind of difficult to get a big mixed use project moving with a big multifamily component when a few thousand units are under development downtown with a $15k per unit tax break.

  • didn’t these guys pay cash for the land? they can hold and bail without getting wet most likely if the seas don’t improve.

  • These guys suck. They should sell to someone that has the means to do something with this property. They sat on this property through one of the biggest booms in Houston history. Shaking my head.

  • This project looked so neat, would be a huge addition to the neighborhood. Hope it somehow gets off the ground.

  • They’ve been parking cars and storing equipment at this corner, but I don’t think they’ve done any actual construction. They’ve also got a model built in the office across the street. I’ve been studying it intently for years, trying to figure out how to do ‘development’ in Houston. It’s a tough nut to crack, so I’m trying to wait out boom years so I can enjoy the view from my vacant/abandoned lots in Montrose during the bust years.

  • What’s the latest on Regent Square? Is it moving forward?